Why You Need a Harley-Davidson® Softail®

Authentic heritage and a garage-inspired soul meet on the edge of modern design and technology to deliver an unforgettable ride in the Softail® family of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The latest models is no different and doesn’t deviate from what’s made the Softail® the legendary American-built cruising machine that it is: tons of power, classic style, and a customization platform like no other.

At Great Lakes Harley-Davidson, we’re more than just a dealer — we’re riders too. We want to bring our customers the best Harley has to offer. From their authentic custom style to massive amounts of power, the Softail® family of cruisers have a lot to get excited about. We’ve put together this short guide to show you exactly what makes these bikes a revolution in custom motorcycles. Read on for more information or visit us at Bay City, Michigan, near Flint, Saginaw, and Midland.

Authentic Custom Style

Harley-Davidson® Softail® FXDR® 114Every member of the Softail® family has its own finely tuned sense of style and an attitude to go along with it. Whether you’re after blacked-out nostalgia, throwback shine, or a futuristic edge, there’s a model for you. Summon the image of a classic American cruiser and you’ll probably be thinking of a Softail®, easily recognizable by the rider’s laid back posture and a tendency to prioritize style. Extended front forks and unique finishes make for head-turning aesthetics, whether you’re after a 60’s look or urban industrial feel. With all that style, you’ll have trouble keeping a low profile!

Pulse-Quickening Power

Harley-Davidson® Softail Breakout®A monstrous Milwaukee-Eight V-Twin engine sits at the heart of every Softail® model, bringing you loads of torque whether you’re blasting off from a stoplight, hitting an entrance ramp with eager anticipation, or rolling by traffic like never before. Softail® cruisers have on-demand power in the form of low-end torque for an extra close-to-the-road feel and unbeatable control at low- and mid-range RPMs. Meaty throttle pulls proclaim a soul-satisfying growl from the air-cooled engine, the perfect matchup of attitude and power potential. If you’re after a cruiser that has classic looks while able to pump out modern power, the Softail® family has what you’re after.

Smooth Cruising

 Harley-Davidson® Softial® DeluxeThe Softail® frame has been reinvented to be lighter and stiffer than ever before. That means responsive handling that makes the controls feel like part of your own body. The suspension is also improved, leaping forward to give riders the smoothest experience possible so they can cruise all day long. All-new mono shock technology in the rear and refinements up front will eat up any bumps along the way, giving a whole new meaning to easy riding. These new and improved features and components work together to keep riders enjoying every twist and turn. Take control of your riding with the improved Softail® chassis!

Garage Inspired Customization

 Harley-Davidson® Softail® FatboyEvery Softail® is going to look, sound, and perform at an amazing level right out of the factory. Even though they’re already great, that doesn’t mean they can’t be made better or personalized with aftermarket customization. Harley-Davidson often looks to the garage-built customs made famous in the 50s and 60s as inspiration for their own line of parts and upgrades. The Softail® sports an especially customizable chassis, with tons of potential for individualizing or souping-up to hit the perfect pitch for your unique tastes. Simply start with a base model that calls to you and go from there, adding or replacing features and components to turn these custom platforms into your own garage-inspired custom. Whatever you want to alter about your Softail®, there’s a part to help you out.

Nothing beats the classic American aesthetic and power of a Harley-Davidson® Softail® cruiser. Tear up city streets with on-demand power and garage-inspired design that make for a perfect cruising machine. If you’re ready to check out some awesome new and used Softail® cruisers for yourself, head into Great Lakes Harley-Davidson in Bay City, Michigan, serving Flint, Saginaw, and Midland. Come in today and let our team of Harley experts help you find the bike of your dreams.